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2024 Residential Area Rug Trends Embrace Color, Texture, Personal Expression

Flooring / 2024 Residential Area Rug Trends Embrace Color, Texture, Personal Expression

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Imagine that you spent a lot of time and money with an interior designer to create a unique and stylish living room that expresses your personal style, and before you know it, you see the same look repeated across social media—and your neighborhood. How frustrating!

In this digital age, our lives have become increasingly connected, yet at the same time, we are influenced by trends that are easily repeatable. Personal expression is becoming more important than ever in interior design, and area rugs are one way that consumers can easily add creativity and a unique attitude to their personal spaces.  

Thankfully, area rug manufacturers are answering the need for self-expression. The move away from cookie-cutter options is allowing consumers to select surfaces that create comfortable, beautiful spaces that align their style. Of course, we love to talk about trends here, so here are a few of themes we’re seeing 


Trend: Color

For those who love color, there’s a trend toward bolder color that will set the tone for an interior space. Colorful rugs provide an opportunity to add depth and dimension through layering of colors and textures. With the trend towards personalization, colorful rugs allow homeowners to change out the look of their space by mood or by season.  

“There has been a shift away from gray to warm tones,” said Judi Haynes, ASID, interior designer at Nebraska Furniture Mart. “Beige and cream are dominating the neutrals. The most requested colors are rust and green. Meanwhile, maximalism design is full of jewel tones and high contrast.”   

Trina Turk's designer rug collection for FLOR

Known for bright colors and bold patterns, fashion designer Trina Turk has collaborated with FLOR on a new line of area rugs, responsibly made with materials that are recyclable and 100% net carbon-neutral. Photo: FLOR.


Trend: Coastal

A desire for relaxation, escapism and connecting with nature keeps the coastal décor trend alive and well. Organic patterns and an earthy color palette inspired by sandy shores and blue waters make it easy to create a more casual lived-in, layered look.  “Create an interior palette based on the natural palette of the land and sea in the coastal area you love,” said designer Lauren Liess.

“For 2024, area rugs are not just about style but also sustainability,” said Brad Smith, CEO and lead interior designer at Omni Home Ideas. “We’re seeing a shift towards eco-friendly materials, with a rise in the use of natural fibers like wool, jute, and bamboo. These materials are not only durable but also offer a soft, luxurious feel, contributing to both comfort and aesthetic appeal.” 

Beach Edit rug collection

Lauren Liess and Rugs USA introduce Beach Edit, a collection that captures the essence of beachside living. Photo: Rugs USA.

Fiji rug from the All Seasons Collection for 1866

Fiji, part of the All Seasons Collection for 1866, is hand-tufted by artisans with 100% PET. Photo: Masland.

Stripes Party rug collection from G.T. Design

G.T. Design introduces Stripes Party, a new collection featuring a textured and soft weave in refined viscose fiber and timeless dégradé tones. The collection can be customized up to a width 13 feet, including round shapes. Photo: G.T. Design.


Trend: Checkered 

Checkered rugs have been gaining momentum over the past year as part of a retro revival that evokes a nostalgic and vintage feel to interiors. The pattern can add a classic or modernist look to a room, can be styled in many ways, and adds texture and depth to a space without being overly busy.

“We’re seeing is a preference for bold, geometric patterns that have a lot of character,” said CEO and owner of Southwestern Rugs Depot. “Southwestern and Native American designs are incredibly popular right now. They bring a touch of culture and history into the home while also providing vibrant color schemes that can really liven up a space. Whether it’s a striking turquoise or a warm adobe red, these colors can create a focal point in any room.” 

Ivory Cassia Classic Checkered Rug

Ivory Cassia Classic Checkered Rug. Photos: Rugs USA.

Orange Rasali Checkered Rug

Orange Rasali Checkered Box. Photo: Rugs USA.


Trend: Textured Neutrals

Area rug textures are becoming more beautiful than ever before, offering homeowners a way to add depth and tactile interest. These neutrals look great over time and will coordinate with a variety of interior styles, making them a savvy investment for homeowners looking to for a flexible backdrop that can adapt to changing trends and design preferences.

“Textures are also playing a significant role, with a preference for plush, high-pile rugs that add a tactile element to interiors,” Smith said. 

“Moroccan rugs are still very popular for clients that are a little more casual or wish to impart a global feel,” Haynes added. “A return to natural materials like jute and sisal are making a comeback. For the more contemporary client, cut pile and loop combinations play up the color contrast or design.”

Kaleen's Alma hand-woven rug

Alma is a study in color and texture featuring hand-woven construction by artisan weavers. Custom sizes available, 30-day delivery option as well broadloom applications. Photo: Kaleen.

Occasion rug collection by Fabrica

Occasion by Fabrica creates a look reminiscent of Linen accented with a high- luster yarn in 32 nature-inspired colorways. Photo: Fabrica.

Whispers rug collection by Nourison Home

Nourison Home introduces Whispers, a timeless hand-knotted collection. Photo: Nourison Home.

Graceful 100% wool rug by Nourison Home

Graceful 100% wool by Nourison Home. Photo: Nourison Home.