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7 Reasons Why Molekule Is My Favorite Way to Breathe Clean Air 

Decor / 7 Reasons Why Molekule Is My Favorite Way to Breathe Clean Air 

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In partnership with Molekule

Although I love my cat, he loves to shed – everywhere. Between him, my two toddlers, and my seasonal allergies, I had long felt like I was living in a never-ending cycle of constant sniffles. For months, I searched for an air purifier that would boost my indoor air quality without messing with my home’s aesthetic. The thing was, I couldn’t find any high-quality options that caught my eye – until I saw Molekule. Now, my Molekule Air Pro keeps my air clean year-round – here’s why I love it.

  1. Its design fits in with my home decor 

Unlike some clunky air purifiers that get in the way of all your beautiful furniture and art, Molekule’s air purifiers fit right in with my home’s modern aesthetic. The sleek, neutral design looks like an art piece – I even had friends ask me about it as if it was just decor.

  1. It uses PECO-HEPA technology

Through years of research, Molekule has developed its own PECO-HEPA technology. In the company’s own words, it doesn’t just collect pollutants – it destroys them. This technology uses free radicals to break down pollutants like viruses, bacteria, chemicals, mold at a molecular level. It even destroys the flu virus, which is a huge bonus during the winter.

  1. It fights allergens

My cat chooses to sleep right next to my face, so I love that the Air Pro works to combat allergens like pet dander. It also takes care of pollen, ragweed, dustmites, and other things she can bring into the house.

  1. It reduces unwanted odors

I love trying new recipes, but things don’t always go according to plan (don’t even ask about the curry I tried to make last week).Typically, that burning scent would linger for nearly a day, but Molekule works hard so I don’t have to worry about the odors coming from my kitchen. In fact, I’ve even had friends come over in the evening and complement how my house smells. Little did they know, I had just finished cooking dinner. 

  1. It shows air history statistics in the app

With the Molekule app for my Air Pro, I can find out which pollutants have entered my home and identify trends throughout each week. This way, I can take control of the air I breathe – and rest easy knowing my Air Pro is destroying all the pollutants and germs. 

  1. It’s a sleep essential 

Before Molekule, getting six hours of sleep felt like a miracle. These days, I can easily sleep more than eight hours without a problem. My Air Pro generates white noise and crisp air that help me sleep through the night. When I wake up in the morning, I feel as fresh as the air I’m breathing. 

  1. It’s a parent’s best friend

With so many illnesses going around, sending my boys to daycare inevitably brings all kinds of mysterious germs back to the house. Since the Molekule can destroy bacteria and viruses, I finally have some peace of mind. Plus, I know the kids are breathing cleaner air, which is important for their young lungs.
Whether you’re a parent, animal lover, or just someone who wants to live in a cleaner environment, I can’t recommend Molekule enough! Head to Molekule’s website to rejuvenate your air – and your life.

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