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Interface to Feature New Carpet Tile and LVT at NeoCon and Fulton Market Design Days

Flooring / Interface to Feature New Carpet Tile and LVT at NeoCon and Fulton Market Design Days

Cover Image for Interface to Feature New Carpet Tile and LVT at NeoCon and Fulton Market Design Days

Interface unveiled new global carpet tile and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) collections, which will be featured in Interface’s Chicago showroom at 345 North Wells Street during NeoCon and Fulton Market Design Days.

The new collections, Etched & Threaded and Earthen Forms, offer innovative, modular tiles that fit together effortlessly and combine eye-catching textures, natural patterns, and neutral tones that can be mixed and matched, offering more ways to create high-performing, beautiful spaces.

“We’re challenging how we think about flooring and its role in creating amazing spaces. Flooring can and should be Made for More – made to do more, made to support more, and made to stand for more,” said Kelly Simcox, head of Ggobal design at Interface. “Interface designed these two global collections with this thinking in mind, helping architects and designers create dynamic spaces that encourage end-users to use the space to support their specific needs, from focused work to a moment for relaxation, and beyond. We created these collections to stand out and match the performance and sustainability needs of any space.”

Etched & Threaded: Carpet Tile Crafted for Comfort 

Designed to bring the warmth of luxury textiles into commercial spaces, Etched & Threaded provides textured carpet tile products that easily coordinate. The collection features seven styles available in 12 neutral colorways that take cues from the geometric flow of natural stone to create serene environments. 

Etched & Threaded includes:

  • Two bold, geometric styles that draw inspiration from natural stone formations and polished pebbles. They are offered as 50 cm x 50 cm formats in four colorways.
  • Two timeless, textured styles, featuring large geometric patterns to create movement and pattern. They are offered as 25 cm x 1 m formats in eight colorways. 
  • Three texture-heavy products in cable knit, tweed, and threaded patterns that are perfect for large-scale use in commercial settings. They are available as 25 cm x 1 m formats in eight colorways.

Interface has a 30-year history of taking the necessary steps to restore the planet and make progress toward its bold sustainability targets. Through innovations across its products, factories, and supply chain, the company has achieved the lowest carbon footprint carpet tile in the industry. 

Earthen Forms: LVT Designed for More

Tapping into the warmth of natural woodgrain and the cool textures of travertine stone, Earthen Forms helps bring the outdoors in. With three styles available in a range of neutral hues and modular tile shapes, the collection features on-trend aesthetics with all the performance benefits designers expect from Interface LVT. 

The Earthen Forms styles include:

  • Hearth, the collection’s stone and travertine-inspired style, adds soft texture to any space. It is offered in a 50 cm x 1 m format in four colorways.
  • Crossroads, featuring a fusion of woodgrain and concrete aesthetics, provides a distinct, mixed material look to interiors. It is offered in a 25 cm x 1 m format in four colorways.
  • On Grain, the true woodgrain style of the collection, features a warm, resilient design in a variety of light oak to rich wood hues. It is offered in a 25 cm x 1 m format in eight colorways. 

All three styles of the Earthen Forms collection feature Interface’s Ceramor+® ceramic bead coating, which minimizes everyday scratching and scuffing and provides enhanced slip resistance. This is the first Interface LVT collection with Ceramor+ available in all markets globally. In addition, as part of the company’s commitment to decarbonizing the built environment through product and supply chain innovation, Earthen Forms, like all Interface LVT, is made with 39% recycled content. 

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