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NALFA Begins Review of LF-01 Laminate Flooring Test Standard

Flooring / NALFA Begins Review of LF-01 Laminate Flooring Test Standard

Cover Image for NALFA Begins Review of LF-01 Laminate Flooring Test Standard

The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) announces the commencement of a comprehensive review of the NALFA/ANSI LF-01 Laminate Flooring Testing Standard. This initiative marks the first major revision of the standard since its last update in 2019, emphasizing NALFA’s commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards within the industry. 

As a leading authority in the laminate flooring sector, NALFA recognizes the importance of regularly assessing and updating standards to reflect advancements in technology, industry practices, and consumer needs.

Throughout the review process, NALFA encourages all stakeholders and interested parties, including manufacturers, retailers, testing laboratories, and consumers, to actively participate and contribute their insights. Collaboration from diverse perspectives will ensure that the revised standard addresses a  range of considerations and remains relevant and effective in today’s dynamic marketplace. 

In line with NALFA’s commitment to transparency and inclusivity, the association has made the “ANSI Essential Requirements: Due Process Requirements for American National Standards” available on its website. These requirements outline the principles of due process essential for developing American National Standards, ensuring fairness, balance, and consensus in the standardization process. 

Stakeholders interested in participating in the review process or seeking further information are encouraged to contact NALFA directly. Revision work will be ongoing through the summer and fall of 2024 along with further discussions held at the annual fall meeting in Park City, Utah, on October 15-17.