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Our Last Bathroom Renovation: Vintage 1930’s Style

Art / Our Last Bathroom Renovation: Vintage 1930’s Style

Cover Image for Our Last Bathroom Renovation: Vintage 1930’s Style

I may have mentioned a long while ago that we had bathroom #3 to renovate eventually and we finally are getting around to that project. Here’s where we started with that bathroom, but I can’t find a complete Before picture since we did add a new countertop and faucets 4 years ago when we renovated our master bathroom. This is a project we’ve wanted to get done since we completed the master, we just never got around to pulling the trigger and figuring everything out until now. We hired a tile setter to come in and demo the old tile and the old one piece tub and then we got started. Just a note also, none of this bathroom is sponsored at all, we paid for everything ourselves.

We went on our trip to Italy and had an idea of what we were going to do, so we headed to Floor and Decor and made some choices on flooring. We ended up nixing our original choice and went with another one and then it became a matter of pulling all the elements together to make the bathroom look the way we envisioned it to look.

This bathroom is between the man cave and my office/playroom space and Mark has always had the vision of making it an Art Deco style bathroom. Something from the 1920’s or 30’s was in the plan and I love vintage, so was completely on board with that look. As you see above, we have a new quartz countertop installed already and that happened almost 4 years ago and we added the black faucets later. You can also see the drywall damage that was done when the old countertops came out. We’ve been living like this for 4 years too.

We didn’t have a complete plan at that time of what we wanted to do, but this was the start. We still love that quartz. It was originally intended for the master bathroom, but a corner was broken during the fabrication process so it wasn’t long enough then to work for the master bath, but it was perfect for this bathroom so we had it installed here instead, waiting for one day when we would get around to this renovation. That day is here!

We could have done plain black and white tiles, but we elevated it a bit and chose a marble mosiac for the floor and black marble baseboards. Floor & Decor gave us a lot of help in pulling together all the pieces and it was touch and go on when everything would come in for our start date on this project. We had the tile guy lined up the first week of May and still didn’t have possession of all the tile, so that was a little nerve wracking. We didn’t want him getting started and then have to stall because we didn’t have the material, but luckily for us it all came in just in time!

As you can see, this bathroom was builder’s beige just like the rest of the house. Our house is 18 years old now and everything was very clean and well maintained, but just a bit boring. So one space at a time, we’ve completely made over our house into what we love and enjoy. This bathroom will be unique and different from the other 2, but equally as gorgeous.

Mark really rallied to get rid of the one piece tub. I wasn’t completely convinced at first, it added to the cost of the project, but we went ahead with that plan and got rid of it and added back a regular tub to be tiled around. So this is all the before pics and I’ll show you the plan we have as well as progress pics.

Here’s our plan!

I put this moodboard together using Canva and it gives a really good vision of what we are going for. We are almost there now and finishing up all the final touches of this fun vintage bathroom. At first I considered painting the vanity like we did in the master bath reno, but after seeing it with the wallpaper we chose, I wanted to keep that warm wood tone in there. The wood will make the space very cozy and warm so I’m leaving it as is. We are changing all the knobs on the vanity. FYI, we are adding wallpaper to the vanity room and painting above the tile in the tub area. Right now, leaning towards the deep green/gray color Retreat for the tub area. I considered Naval as well, but think the green might be more fun. All our doors are Oyster Bay so I’m planning to keep that too in there.

As you can also see, we chose a pretty wallpaper with an Art Deco vibe from Escape to the Chateau show, they have their own shop online. We were watching that show at the time and looked online and found it. We love it! We’re doing a mix of gold and black fixtures, as you can see with the lighting and mirrors. We found this mosiac marble floor at Floor & Decor and love it as well. It’s a beautiful mix of warm and cool tones and looks gorgeous with the vanity too. The black marble baseboards really set it off as well as the accents of black around the chairrail and tub area. We added in a marble pencil tile for accent and love how it all turned out. The tile setter did a great job on figuring all that out. I’ll share his info if you are interested when I share the final pics. He was very tuned in to what we wanted and asked a lot of questions as we went along.

Here’s the marble from Floor & Decor.

And here it is in our bathroom after installation and before grouting. See all those gorgeous warm and cool tones in there, it’s a beautiful mix!

It looks fantastic all the way into the tub area and he really did a good job on the wall tile and that border.

We did have some drywall damage that had to be repaired, so that required a pro to come in and tackle that, but it was worth the expense. It was above Mark’s pay grade and he didn’t want to try to fix it, with all the lumps, waves and bumps.

Mark found this really cool recessed toilet paper holder and I love it too. It’s a great mix with our other black and gold items.

A look at the grout, marble baseboards and tile.

We had a bit of a panic time finding the right subway tile to go with the floors and the countertop. The countertop is warm toned with a vanilla base and gray veins. so stark white subway tile wouldn’t look that great with it, so after selecting this marble floor that had warm and cool tones, we looked and looked for a subway tile that would blend and finally found this one in Oyster for the walls also at Floor & Decor. I love how it all came together and I can’t wait to see it all finished with everything cleaned and in place. This project didn’t come in inexpensively at all. We chose some nicer marble and tile and that adds up as well as hiring out the tiling, those were the 2 biggest expenses, but I’ll share a breakdown of everything as well when I do the final pictures. But we think we got a lot of bang for the buck! It’s not a super high end renovation.

We are still working on it this week and hope to get it finished soon. Mark is hanging crown molding and I’m hanging wallpaper and then all the finishing touches will happen. We found a 1/2 glass shower door with a hinge that we will get in place too instead of a shower curtain. So stay tuned for the finale, I’ll be sharing it as soon as I can.

Next week, I’ve been invited to Williamsburg, VA for a hosted trip by them, so Mark and I are headed there soon. We’ve never been and are both looking forward to seeing this historical area of our country for the first time. Of course, I’ll share that here on the blog too! Have a great Memorial Day weekend and may be all remember the meaning behind this holiday.

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