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Shower Stall Kits vs. Custom Shower Remodeling: Which Is Right for You?

Bath / Shower Stall Kits vs. Custom Shower Remodeling: Which Is Right for You?

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If your shower has seen better days and it’s not as comfortable or functional as you’d like, it may be time for an update. A shower remodel not only adds beauty to your space, but bathroom renovations also add value to your property. But with so many options, how do you know if a pre-packaged kit or a custom remodel makes sense for your bathroom?

Here, we share the pros and cons of both options to help you make the best choice for your style, design goals, and budget.

What Is a Shower Stall Kit?

A stall kit is a prefabricated shower insert that is ready for installation when it arrives at your home. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, you can choose from different types of shower units:

  • Alcove shower unit: This is the most common shower stall kit design. It is square or rectangular and supported by three walls.
  • Corner shower kit: Corner shower kits come in various shapes, including neo-angle, where the doors meet at 135˚ instead of 90-degree angles. These require two walls for installation and can be a space-saving solution for small bathrooms.
  • Base and wall kit: The base and wall form a single piece made to fit in an alcove or corner. The door is not included, so you need to order one, or you can use a shower curtain, too.
  • Base and door kit: This includes the base, door, and glass enclosure. These units are designed for installation in a tiled alcove or against two tiled walls.
  • Base, door, and wall shower kit: This is a single-piece shower surround kit frequently used for corner installation.

Shower install kits also offer a range of shower door styles and configurations. Pivot shower doors swing outward on one side (although you can find doors that swing in towards the shower). They are ideal for showers with smaller openings that cannot accommodate sliding doors.

Bypass shower doors, or sliding doors, are made of two or three panels that overlap each other. They don’t take up any floor space, making them a good choice for compact bathrooms. Bifold shower doors are panels that fold in or out. Although they are less common, they work well if you have limited clearance for a pivot door or the shower entrance is too small for sliding doors.

What Is a Custom Shower Remodel?

A Re-Bath custom shower remodel offers a tailored design experience. Custom showers allow you to bring your design to life as you hand-select every detail, from the color, finish, and layout to your shower’s hardware and accessories. With a custom shower update, you will unlikely find another shower like yours!

Re-Bath Custom Shower Remodel: What to Expect

A shower update with Re-Bath starts with an in-home bathroom design consultation. You won’t receive this invaluable service with a kit from a big-box retailer. During this visit, we explore different methods to improve the appearance and function of your shower.

Your personal Re-Bath design expert measures the space and shows you samples to get your creative juices flowing. We help you coordinate colors, materials, and accessories to match your style from traditional and transitional to rustic and contemporary.

Re-Bath experts don’t push services and products you don’t want or need. From custom bathrooms to tub and shower conversions and accessible walk-in tubs and showers, we scale your remodeling project to meet your goals—and stay within your budget.

Once your chosen products are ready for installation, our professional crew cleans and prepares the space. We carefully remove your old shower and complete any necessary repairs before installing the new, custom-made product.

Your new shower will be installed and ready to use in as little as a few days. As part of our post-care plan, we back products up with industry-standard warranties and recommend safe and effective cleaning products to keep your shower looking brand new for years to come!

Shower Stall Kits and Custom Shower Remodels: Things to Consider

Now, let’s explore some advantages and drawbacks of pre-packaged shower kits compared to custom shower remodels.


If your shower is standard, you can purchase a unit and bring it home for installation on the same day. This is great if you want a quick and simple update, maybe for a second bathroom or commercial project.

However, there are disadvantages to buying a pre-fabricated shower kit. While an off-the-shelf unit may save time and money, you miss the personal attention and superior service that a top-to-bottom bathroom remodeling company like Re-Bath offers.

We don’t just help you choose your unit. We measure and design your space, remove your old shower, and install your brand-new shower quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!


If your shower is a standard size and shape, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a kit to fit your space. This takes the guesswork out of shopping and can save time and money. But you must choose from what’s in stock, and you don’t have the freedom to choose custom finishes and features that make your design truly unique.

While today’s kits offer more colors, materials, and features, they can’t compare to the possibilities of a custom shower remodel. With a personalized renovation service like Re-Bath, each product is customized for your space. That’s especially important if the shower is not standard or if you want to drastically change the look and layout of your bathroom.


With so many products on the market, it’s hard to say how long a pre-fabricated shower will look brand new. Some kits use lower-quality materials, so be sure to research the product before you buy. Saving money upfront may cost you more in the long term if your shower needs to be replaced in a few years because of wear and tear.

Re-Bath products are made with durability in mind. Our high-quality, non-porous DuraBath™ Acrylic and DuraBath™ wall systems are beautiful and practical because they don’t require grout. They are also waterproof and mold and mildew-resistant. Custom shower enclosures are easier to clean and less prone to leaks and damage, unlike cheaper shower install kits.


Pre-made shower inserts generally cost less than custom shower remodels, and the ease of installation also cuts down on labor costs. However, the investment you make in a custom remodel will pay off in a boost to your property value. The national average ROI on an upscale bathroom renovation is around 56 percent.

When you opt for superior materials, professional installation, and an industry-leading warranty, you have peace of mind that your shower will be beautiful, functional, and easy to clean and maintain for years to come.

Call Re-Bath today at 800-216-8526 for more information or connect online to schedule a free bathroom design consultation to explore shower remodeling ideas and make your vision of a custom walk-in shower a reality!